Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Jeffrey Revisited

For EPIPHANYNoir devotes this is indeed a repost of some images from a post in January of 2007. Digital technology has improved to the degree that images that were of one quality can now be enhanced to a whole new level. Noise reduction, color, tonal controls.... I now have even greater regrets that my composition was not up to my standards today. I was truly overwhelmed when he showed up at my door, I really had a thing for him and now he was here.... I really hope one day I can shoot him in a way that he deserves...

Jeffrey at Last! January 4th 2007 (From my original post)

My work has almost exclusively come from word of mouth, I am far too shy to approach people as always seems to have shades of creepiness for me. But then you see someone who you know you just have to photograph! I first saw Jeffrey as he jumped on stage at a club! My first thought was wow theres someone who has allot of confidence and is really living his life. I am on some level attracted to those who push themselves from just an observer of life to being part of it! I decided in that moment I would also step out and ask him to model for me. As first thought, he raised his eyebrow and thanked me and walked away....and as I cringed I also gave my self credit for having the nerve to ask. Needless to say for the entire summer and fall I would always remind him I was still interested... It came as a surprise the other day when he called and wanted some pictures for a project! I'm pretty happy with the out come... I've been making some progress shoot indoors, lighting is definitely an art unto itself! Well enjoy! Jeffrey at last!!!

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