Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Request

This week I am wading into unfamiliar waters that have the potential to carry me away. I have sent the past few weeks preparing for this moment and I have done all I can do to cover off every aspect of my life. It is interesting how all of my choices made in life are beginning to culminate. The intersections of the various me's will probably cross in unexpected ways… subjects avoided in favor of keeping the peace and providing continuity can no longer be avoided.  I once thought I was a pretty simple person but I see now that my life has all manner of complexities and while I suspect this is probably pretty normal I am ambiguous about this forced reconciliation.

I am hoping that the fix I am about to go through extends outward into my life.  I am blessed with so many friends and family who care for me and just saying Thank You doesn't quite cover what I want to say.  Just like saying Im Sorry doest quite fit those whom I have offended. I feel I have much more work ahead of me as a person.

Whether you like me or not all I can ask for are you thoughts and prayers over the next couple of weeks… I will see all of you soon.

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Ocean Morisset said...

Thinking about you and sending you warm, healing energy! Stay strong!