Monday, October 20, 2008

Setting The Record Straight

I was not alone Sunday morning tuned into Meet the Press to See Gen. Colin Powell endorse Obama for President. Much has been said today about his reasons and motivations. Finally I shouted at the TV! Finally someone is saying what needed to be said. Many people have been living in fear since 9/11 and that is understandable. We were attacked in a most heinous way. But many more have been living in such fear that they have forgotten what it means to be an American. Forgotten that America was made up of individuals from other countries, many coming here to make a change, make their own country. Forgotten that as Americans we claimed to be on a higher moral footing in the world. Sunday Powell cleared two things up... Obama is not a Muslim and anyone who can't respect Muslims is not American because America was founded on a higher principle of freedom to be who you are regardless of your faith or beliefs.

The most moving part of the statement Colin Powell gave on Meet The Press endorsing Obama for president centered on the story of one grave in Arlington. It is the grave of Kareem Khan, a young man from New Jersey who was so moved by the tragedy and shock of Sept. 11, 2001, when he was just a boy, that he enlisted in the Army as soon as he could. Khan liked video games, the Dallas Cowboys and Starburst candies. He was also a Muslim.

Powell talked about the whispering campaign among some McCain supporters who say that Obama is Muslim. First, Powell said, it is not true. Obama is a Christian, and always has been. Second, Powell emphasized, what if he is Muslim? Isn't that the American way -- that a Muslim, or an Episopalian, or a Jew, or a Hindu or anyone else can grow up in this country with the same dream -- the dream that anything is possible, even the presidency.

So John I don't believe you personally endorse the fear mongering of the Republican party, but you do need to apologize for letting it go this far, for a complete lack of critical thinking and adding more to the already tarnished American reputation.

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