Monday, February 23, 2009

The New Kid In Town!

One camera retires and one starts its new life... The 300D was getting long in the tooth and while the daylight quality of image was fine at 6.3 mp its limited ISO range and capability became a liability on some of my important theater dance shoots. The new 50D doubles the useful ISO and raises the resolution to 15.1 mp! So far the only problem I can see is the(YIKES!)54meg RAW files which will only make me have to purchase a new Hard drive for my images!
Ahh to have such problems;-)
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Urban Shotz said...

I'm looking forward to hearing (and seeing) how you get along with the 50D - I'm sure you'll like it much more than the 300D. I use a 40D and it's a great camera.

EpiphanyNoir said...

Oh thanks so much man! I'm so excited you just don't know... Having higher ISO is just driving me to distraction... LOL The 300D served me well for along time and is a tribute to the quality of Canon products...

I will be posting new works soon from the new camera!