Saturday, March 07, 2009


Loving grandparents Angela and Julius are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, while their grandchildren Norman and Edna are about to begin their own love journeys. The juxtaposition of time and place for these four characters will come to bare on stage. We go back in time while moving forward to discover a simple truth, that the more things change the more they stay the same even in love.

Love 'n Movement is an intergenerational story spanning 50 years that explores the challenges, the strength, and the beauty of all kinds of love in the black community. Love n’ Movement richly blends dance, drama and music to take the audience on a captivating journey of love. Cultures, sexuality and generations collide in a sometimes funny and at all times intense revelation of the universal truth about love; from the taboos and misconceptions of homosexual relationships to the problematic insecurities of heterosexual ones. The diversity of culture and colors within the black community alone is testament to the diversity of our love and how we choose to express it. Love ‘n Movement is an exploration of this diversity.

If you like dance you haven't saved the date of April 25th please do as Lucy Hamlet who brought to Canada the South African spectacle UMOJA and Kevin A. Ormsby of Ballet Creole and Kashedance brings us LOVE 'N MOVEMENT to the stage! For More Details Click Here For The Official Web Site of LOVE 'N MOVEMENT

All images for the show by Christopher Cushman Text by Lucy Hamlet and Kevin A. Ormsby.

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