Sunday, May 10, 2009


I remember taking pictures like this one. Mother liked pictures and therefore I am blessed with a treasure trove of images that document my life as well as her's. What the images clearly show is her love for me and my brothers and sister, she worked hard to make us happy and safe. I am still in awe of the job she did and while in the end I know she wanted more in her own life I still want her to know that what she accomplished as a mother can not be underscored enough. I am in the process of constant self analysis since my mother has passed away. Partially as a measurement of the distance from her passing but equally my memories of childhood that paint my internal portrait of her that I want so desperately to hold on too. I find myself wondering what her opinion be in many of my decisions and the way I conduct myself as a person and I often hear her subtle answers continue to guide me. I often tell people that my mother raised me right, she did, in a time that was better than today.
Happy Mothers Day!

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