Sunday, August 09, 2009

Lightning Strikes!

Its been an incredibly bad weekend for weather here in Toronto... I have all but given up on any kind of summer weather as the warmth only seems to last for hours ..sometimes two days and every evening has had the feel of spring chilly. Tonight as the thunderstorm clouds came the city was propelled into darkness!

Only the distant fringe of blue sky to the south over Lake Ontario is visible.. Evening comes earlier than expected!

Ok I have to admit this bolt scared the living crap out of me as the thunder was almost as instantaneous as the flash! I love the reflection in the roof of the building across the street!

This one looks like two bolts one from the ground coming up to meet a bolt from the sky!

Sometimes the sky just illuminated as no bolts seemed to be seen

Ahhh Lightning can originate from the ground!

Where is the bolt? As if the entire city was having its picture taken at a party a bolt illuminates the entire skyline... You can see the bolt reflected in the windows of the office building on the right side... (click to enlarge!)

This bolt had multi-branches and was dazzling!

In this one massive strike the sensor on my camera was knocked completely out! Yikes!!!
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