Saturday, February 13, 2010


There are a couple photographers who's work I really enjoy, one being David LaChapelle and the other being Annie Leibovitz. Both are accomplished portrait photographers to be sure but one of their unique talents has been to take the model who is usually a celebrity and construct images around them that hyper accentuates their personality. In many cases these images inform while bending reality. As I have always wanted to explore the editorial aspects of this kind of photography It was awesome to connect with an up and coming Toronto personality Travoy who is in the process of creating an online presence with his website Travoy in the Flesh which will be an entertainment portal. Taking the obvious metaphor we have begun a series of images which employ several entertainment motifs around the theme of the star. Here are but three of our initial images. As you can see the final images are created with several photo-shopped elements. His website will be out soon but until then look him up on facebook Travoy in the Flesh

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