Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Special Desk Tops - Thank You!

Recently EPIPHANYNoir passed the 150,000 unique visitor mark in fact we are more than halfway to 160,000! The response to the blog has been fantastic.... I'm sorry for being late, as many of you know I have celebrated every milestone over the past five years and after 593 posts I wanted to do something nice for my readers! By clicking on any of these three links you will be able to download an EN Desktop for your computer!

One of my favorite readers is Duba from Israel who is the talented artist who put these together for me!!! Check out Duba's site and give some love!

Note: All images and text (not specified) is copyrighted by Christopher Cushman. This site does not specify or denote the sexual orientation of any model and as such please post your comments accordingly.

1 comment:

Javon Moore said...

OMG those are really cool! I love that I am in the middle! You are so good with your imagery!