Monday, July 12, 2010

FIERCE! - The Reception

Friday night was the reception for my month long show at Affirmations! We had a fantastic turn out and it was quite gratifying to see so many people come to see the work I had produced over the last 25 years! It actually took on a bit of a reunion feel for many people who attended. it was a great highlight for me to find out that many of the youth who come to Affirmations had found an engagement with the photographs! That to me was the highest compliment!

Much thanks to Curator Charles Alexander, Program Director Kim Phillips-Knope, YEP Staffer Liz Griggs and Cafe Manager Julie Marcos (who catered the event) Most importantly though I want to say a huge thanks to the Social Activities Coordinator Lea Brown who was there for me at every step! Wow you could not have made it a better experience for me! XXXOOO!

Note: All images and text (not specified) is copyrighted by Christopher Cushman. For this post many of the photographs were taken by others, Perry Phillips, Curtis Lipscomb and Joesph James Hall! Much thanks for giving me the night off! This site does not specify or denote the sexual orientation of any model and as such please post your comments accordingly.


Ocean Morisset said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your showing!! Wish I could have been there to support you in person!

Jamar Herrod said...

WOW! You have known these guys for years! That is absolutely amazing that you could display those pictures. Where did you hold the event? This is deep indeed.

DesperateArtist said...

Congratulations. Looks like a successful event! It's interesting to see people posing in front of their portraits from the past.