Monday, August 02, 2010

Caribana/Birthday Weekend!

I moved to Toronto in January 1998... and I went to my first Caribana parade in 1999 and once again in 2002, so its been a while since I was last at the parade. The day started out with fantastic weather and my best judy Lasaunji was up from Detroit!
Pictures of the parade were challenging as the retaining fence nearly 7 feet high was hard to shoot over... Still it was a very colorful event! Reggae and Soca beets filled the air.... After the parade we went to visit some friends who took us to a great italian restaurant downtown... Saturday night was curl up on the couch and watch a movie... Sunday we did Jack Astors at Dundas Square, did some shopping and then off to Blockobana street party.... Sunday night was capped off at the ball! (pics to be posted soon!) All in all it was a near perfect weekend and a great way to start my next 50 years;-)

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