Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ever After

Ever After

All dreams once lost reflecting who we are,
Restored before the throne where children play.
The soldiers of the Earth lay down their arms,
For war has no more teeth, and death, no place.
Reunion's laughter fill old halls of sorrow,
As loved ones lose themselves in longed embrace.
Yesterdays hold hands with all tomorrows,
For time has lost its hold and need to chase.
Questions sought for lifetimes meet their answers,
For no more do we see in part what's clear.
The Son of Light and Love, the Ever After,
Now comes to take away our robes of fear.

In Memory of our great friend Montrice on what would have been his 45th birthday today. Not a day goes by where you are not thought of or missed, I chose the poem because I believe we will be together again, I have so much to say.

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