Saturday, May 07, 2011

Always Thinking About You!

Mothers Day was so important to you.  I remember.  It's still a good day.  I'm always thinking about you.  Think about your gift to me.  What I am doing with it.  How to be/stay a good person.  Thank you.   It's your day!    You know because I keep you alive in me.  Happy Mothers Day!

I made this video for my mother in 2006 for mothers day because I could not be there.  She was in the hospital and my brother took his laptop to play it for her.  It made her happy!   I posted it when she died in early 2007.  more than four years later it has the power to connect me to her, to make me cry, but it made her happy so Ill keep posting it.  Thank you Jan Arden for reversing the initial Youtube take down for copyrighted content.  Sometimes using someones song is just the right thing to do.  Your song is the only song that I could or would ever use.  It perfectly  explained my feelings. You have my love and respect.

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