Friday, July 29, 2011

The Urban Jungle Weekend - Creating The Art

The Urban Jungle weekend is fast becoming the annual event for DJ Blackcat... Creatively its been a great opportunity for me to stretch my Photoshop skill to the new levels.  This year I was able to create several pieces of art as backgrounds for the event (Typography was expertly laid in by Pleasure Monroe!)  It all starts out at a photo shoot against a stark white back drop!  Once the images are taken and chosen the people are cut into the themed backgrounds where there is a lot of post processing of shadows and other small details!  They are time consuming to create but allot of fun!  And the results are awesome.

In many cases the images are flipped to better accommodate the typography ... giving the final piece the balance it deserves to tell the story.

I have added a few additional photos of Andre!  He is a great new model!

The Urban Jungle Weekend is this weekend and if you are in Toronto for Caribana you should take time out to come to the parties!  For more information you can link to HERE  HERE  HERE  HERE  HERE  And  Finally HERE

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