Thursday, September 08, 2011

Cloths Make The Man

When I first came out in the mid 80's there were a couple fashion motifs that men of color were rocking. One was baggy cuffed jeans and plaid shirts the other was a more refined Glen Plaid pants and Kenneth Cole boots... The kind with the big side buckle.  Polo shirts were in big time as were popped collars as were Calvin Klien under wear.  The 80's were both amazing and disastrous for fashion but black gay men lead the way through the whole decade setting one fashion trend after another.  The Hip Hop nation brought us Cross Color and Karl Kani Jeans and shorts... It was a powerful time creatively ...artistically ...creating unique looks was the weekly rule of thumb...   You could never go to the club with an outfit you had previously worn... If you did you'd have shade like no tomorrow.  

Its a different day... but the creativity carries forward and there is a greater variety of looks and options available  ...Cloth make the man has never been truer! Tonight I bring you some looks from Kenya, Ricky and Tevon from the summer!  Enjoy!

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