Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Thank You Steve!

It seems like I want/should to be concise about what I want to say at the passing of Steve Jobs. I never met the guy in person though I would have liked to… even if it was only for a moment to thank him for creating products that have changed my life. Apple products are more than just computers they are portals of possibility… The tools I use/have used since 1984 to express my creativity.

In 1984 Adobe Products were tailor made for Macs long before PC's emerged… When Steve came back to Apple I jumped on board of his grand master plan of getting my iLife on!…. Today my 27 inch iMac is an appendage to my brain… my life… My patterned interface which seems like a natural part of my life… Non Mac users will not understand this but I rarely consider it a machine anymore because of this relationship.

My iPad and iPhone and Apple TV are mere extensions of my Mac allowing me to remain connected away from home. I carry my music and my photography, my books, magazines, newspapers and movies… not to mention the countless podcasts I regularly subscribe to. I edit images, write blog posts while I am on the subway headed to work.

I have written previously about my relationship with my Mac

Steve knew that I didn't need a command line, I didn't need to see the running code behind the operating system. I just needed a computer that would do the things I wanted it to do with a minimum of technical know how. The definition of a good tool is in how simple and eloquently it does its task. That is what a Mac is and the reflective Genius of its creator. Thanks Steve

I thought the images that I posted from the Apple website were very classy….

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