Friday, January 13, 2012


Once you have been sky diving you are keenly aware of what it feels like to fall enormous distances.  I know this to be true personally.   Since then I have had dreams of falling countless times usually around times of great stress but with one small caveat, once I begin to fall I have the ability to fly  and recover so I never crash to the ground.  I have created an experiential metaphor that has reminded me that I have options when ever life gets hard.  It has served me well.  In these photographs I have tried to creatively express my dreams... Knowone crashes here but sometimes we fall into things bigger than ourselves and always we grow into something better!

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Guy Zulma said...

Hi Chris and/or Kevin !
Your photographies of those dreams of fall are "superbes" ! Well made but also so true, so real, near the exact impression the dream let after a hard night. My english is'nt very good, sorry if those sentences seems stupid. Guess you understand yet.
I love this blog, the words and the pics. Go on !

thegayte-keeper said...