Sunday, June 17, 2012

Learning My Father

In life what is said is not everything said.  In a month or so ill be 52 thanks to the power of medicine and the surgeons of St. Michaels who worked hard to make it possible.  A lot has happened to me over the past four months, much of it happening in that space between my ears.  Not sure I would call it learning as much as I would say finally finding an understanding of some key realities within my life.  Relationships with fathers are often portrayed as difficult.  I understand why.  I also understand that I have spent much of my life lost in the translation... Unable to read the subtext of my relationship with my own father. The older I get the more he is revealed to me and with this latest crisis I have figured out that my father loves me.  I guess I have known it all along but I fought the concept because I wanted it to be in a way that I wanted it...  Reality is you get love in many ways and in all ways it is good and has value and should never be taken for granted.  This is what I have learned. This is what makes this fathers day special to me.

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