Sunday, September 09, 2012

Sunday Walk

Everyday I walk as part of my recovery program from open heart surgery... Everyday I get a little bit better
and walking helps me build my energy and endurance.  Some days I walk lost in thought about the things in my life and some days I walk thinking of all the creative ideas I have and how I might make them come to being.  Today my thoughts where centered around my friend Ocean Morisset who has himself just got over a life altering illness.   Ocean is a fantastic photographer in NYC who's images of his surroundings evoke the depth and feeling he has for his city.  I don't always walk with my regular camera and often pass things lamenting the moment I am missing with my camera... On my walk today I kept pulling out my iPhone and taking pictures of things that fascinated me... Shapes and arrangements both natural and manufactured... In someway I was channeling my friend Ocean and that made me smile.
I hope you like these.... If you want to see Oceans work you can go to his blog by clicking HERE!

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