Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fashionable Young Turk!

I think over the years I have learned to see people for who they are... I believe everyone has untapped potential and I am surrounded by people who have dreams of making it and the where with all to do it.
Ive known Jermaine now for many years and he has always had an eye on fashion and art... which is clear in some of our model/photographer collaborations.   This was someone who knew how to pose, knew their look and how to make a good image look easy.

A couple of years ago at what felt like a crucial moment Jermaine stepped out with a leap of faith with what he knew and began to push it out to the world with a website and in short order the site has gotten allot of notice!   Ones success breeds success in others and as such I asked Jermaine how he went about making that leap... and where he saw it going...

So You created and have been developing for a couple years now….      
Why did you undertake this and so far what has been the most fulfilling aspect? was an idea that came to me over a very short span of being a stylist within the Toronto Fashion scene and I wanted to share my experience and knowledge within the fashion industry to those who are looking to add an extra pep in their overall wardrobe as the market became over-saturated with quantity and not quality.  The most fulfilling aspect of - I don’t refer as my job- doing what I love had to be getting a hand written letter from a client I’ve always dreamed of working with. I value the simple things.

Who is your audience? and what do you hope they walk away with?

The audience are males/females ages 18-35 who are young professionals looking for that extra boost of confidence or even a little bit of guidance when getting dressed on a Friday night. What I hope our audience walks away from when viewing our site is the confidence to wear whatever it is they choose without the constraints of fitting in.  Fashion is about showcasing your individuality, not how much you can afford.

Do you see Barrington orr evolving and growing? If so what would it look like in 5 years?

That’s a good question. There has been so much that is transpiring, so much more than I have expected and I am forever grateful. In five years I foresee expanding from more than a publication to developing model portfolios, curating a savvy group of wardrobe stylist, and lastly throwing small intimate PR related events throughout Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto. 

All that in two short years.... A transformational idea... A new reality!
I hope people can see that with allot of hard work everyone can see their dreams come true...  EpiphanyNoir has been featured a couple times at   Click here: Attitude  and here: EpiphanyNoir Unedited

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Barrington Orr said...

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Barrington Orr said...

Thank you so much, Christopher.