Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ball Book.... Recorded History!

After Mom passed away in 2007 I made a trip to spend a long week out in San Francisco with some great friends... One of the days we rode the train to Oakland and went to the USC Berkley Campus where I met a fellow Detroiter and Professor Marlon Bailey.  In our conversation about home I had shared with him some of my experiences back in the day with the House of Charles which was going to be a part of a book he was going to write...   And now the book is nearly here and I am honored to have the cover photo as well as images inside...  I love Detroit, I love the ball Scene and I love photography which means theres allot of love for this book!

To excited ...A phenomenal opportunity!  To pre order you can click HERE

Huge shout out to Marlon, The University of Michigan Press and Pasa Hype and Dane for allowing this cover to happen!

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