Sunday, August 18, 2013

Celebrating and Connecting - 350,000 Unique Visitors!

Celebration of sorts...Sometime in the wee hours of this morning my blog surpassed 350,000 Unique visitors...  I started it in early 2005 when I found myself between jobs and wanting an outlet to show some of my photography and talk about my life and the people in it.

Exploring my Life and Others Through Photography has always been my tag line...   The past 8+ years has been an extraordinary trip and to know that at some point or another technology and creativity has allowed me to touch 350,000 people from all over this Earth!  If your a regular reader please drop me a line...  leave a comment!  And please accept my humble thanks for allowing me into your lives!

Dance Has been an important aspect of my photography.... I submit to you this image of Kashedance leaping into the future!

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