Friday, September 19, 2014

Victor @ f32!

Like any photographer I have other photographers that I idolize.  There are two I have gravitated to over the years... The first is Herb Ritz... His images more than any other seem to reflect the people being photographed, weather celebrity or model there does not seem to be artifice that some photographers place on their subjects.  As a gay man his imagery of men seem at the edge of a predictable homo eroticisim with out going over the edge thus allowing his work to be appreciated by all viewers.  The second is French photographer Thierry Le Gouès who's monograph of famous black female fashion models entitled SOUL has served as inspiration of photographing models minus any overt background what so ever allowing the full force of the person shine through in the image.  Ritz's own work in this area with model Dijmon Hounsou have become some of his most iconic.  Tonight and over the next few posts to come I will be exploring this style with my own take in the finished look.  Never before have I thrown so much light or shot above f32 on a subject...  

Tonight I again feature Victor Keita and up and coming model from Toronto... Please go to his Facebook Model Page and give some love to this amazing talent!

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