Saturday, April 05, 2008

HDR: Kevins Sky

This a previously un-documented photograph from a Kevin Ormsby shoot in September 2006, called Kevin's Sky. I have recently been learning how to create images in HDR or High Dynamic Range imaging. Now most of the time you have to shoot your base images using a tripod and a camera where you have control over your exposure settings. Because it requires several shots at different exposures most HDR images are sans people. But as I shot these images of Kevin in Camera RAW I was able to create several new images at several different exposures in Photoshop, each maximizing a portion of the image. I was able to combine these using the HDR plug in in Photoshop CS3 and get this new combined image of Kevin. The image of Kevin himself has not changed from the reference shot but the sky and the reflected image in the water each have been dialed up to their max potential. Capturing what I saw on that wet chilly September morning.

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