Thursday, July 31, 2008

Birthday Present Part 1

Yesterday was my birthday and I received rather large box from my father. I have been waiting for this box for a couple of months now... He had been cleaning out parts of the house since mother passed and found a box of things related to me... Mother kept everything..... Everything! Tonight's post is dedicated to the day of my birth.
My hospital photo, the little pamphlets the nurses gave mom and dad when they arrived explaining the etiquette of having a baby, moms admission bracelet etc... There was form filled out with feeding instructions as if I was store bought! Some prescriptions which lead me to believe that I was a little colicy, apparently spiking the milk with a lil OJ was the ticket to calm the loudest kid!

Most interesting for me was the envelope filled with locks of whitish blond hair taken shortly after I was born. Genetic samples of the original me!

Over the next few days I will dive deeper into the box and pull out the most interesting pieces of my first few years. The experience has made me a little melancholy, mother put in such an effort to remind me of who I was, its truly a gift from her!

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Anonymous said...

how lovely - but understand the melancholy. Happy Birthday Chris.

Aaron Morrow said... sweet. Happy Birthday

Ocean said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY CHRIS!!!! Much Peace and blessings and many more to come!!!!