Monday, August 11, 2008

V.F. Italia!

As I have said many times and lamented here on this blog that one day I want to have photographed the cover for Vanity Fair... This recent cover of Italian VF has given me so much hope and encouragement that one day I will have that cover of my own.
Meet Andrew Howe (23) who is running in track for Italy in Beijing. His mother is an African American from Los Angeles and an Olympic Hurdler herself!

Note: Image by Richard Phibbs and Italia V.F. This site does not specify or denote the sexual orientation of any model and as such please post your comments accordingly.

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Sexy Muscle Dude said...

Hi and thanks for your blog, love your photos of Hershell. I wanted to ask whether you would allow me to link to your blog from mine and vice versa. Apologies for posting as a comment but I'm using firefox and it won't open the email link for some reason. Anyway drop me a line at if you can, thanks, Jas