Saturday, August 09, 2008

Mr. Fantasy - My First Exposure To Leather

I first met Ariq at one of the Tuesday Men of Color meetings, some time around 1996/97. Such a soft spoken down to earth guy... it really took me by surprise when I found out he was into the leather scene. I was pretty terrified of this subculture and for my birthday in 1997 Ariq decided he would help demystify it for me by taking me out to the Detroit Eagle for an evening of Leather events his club was holding. Ariq was then recently crowned Mr. Fantasy so I felt very special that he would make an evening just for me. While I am still not interested in this practice for myself, I certainly have a different view of those who find this a way of life... I have since met many who dress in ornate leather outfits and attend clubs and festivals such as the Folsom Street Fair.

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Anonymous said...

Stunning! Hope you've not been too near the explosions I've heard about.