Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 In Review!!!

I am privileged to live in an apartment that has a most fantastic view of Toronto, and I have shot the skyline many times over the past year. One of the hallmarks of the past year is the theme changing CN Tower which now acts like a seasonal event clock based on it color and lighting. So I open this year in review with a few shots of the tower!

As of this posting there is just under 60,000 unique visitors from 142 countries in the world! The blog has grown leaps and bounds and has just under 400 posts since 2005! Thanks is just not enough to say to those who visit regularity. The kind words I recieve nearly everyday make this all worth while!

Much love out to my best friend Lasaunji who became my reporter in the field and tracked the comings and goings of Jenssen Atwood and Barack as they visited Detroit! Thanks Soni!!!!

OK there I am doing my photo thing at block-o-rama this year during pride, Snaps is the name I got from the House of Monroe!!!, More on them in a second!

What a blessing it has been to be able to contribute to the scene in Toronto via these three wonderful people, Murchy, Polly and Blackcat! Thanks so much for letting me do what I do best, take photographs and make people happy!

Blackcat! Its all about the hair! ;-) heheeheh

Summer Splash 08!!!!!!

Just call me Snaps Monroe! I have really had a blast following these guys around this year at the various events!!! They always rock the show!!!!!!

The Elementals from the Blackcat Experience!!!!

48! two more to 50! I'm looking forward to an awesome party in 2010!


What a history changing year! We know the deck is stacked against ya man but Barack we got your back!

Just a few of the EPIPHANYNoir models from 2008, if I forgot you its not that I don't love ya! Thanks to all who have made this a memorable year for me!

To add to all that it has been a very good year for my work as a photographer with the Ballet Creole poster, The Dance book and the prelim copies of my book of portraits! I have been blessed and I look forward to 2009!

The dawn rises on 2009 and I believe that even with all of the challenges it will be a great year!

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YES! GREAT REVIEW! HAPPY NEW YEAR! OH..when you going to let me know about writing for u? let me know.