Saturday, December 06, 2008

A Soulful Performance!

Performance weekend is here and I went to see Fridays opening performance! I had shot Thursdays tech rehearsal(the images posted are from that shoot), but tech rehearsals are like watching the show slowly diced up in to smaller sections often without costumes and over a longer period of time as lighting goes through its final tweaks. So when I saw the final piece on Friday I was truly memorized at the complexity of the non-stop 76 minute performance. It was great to see it with out the filter of a view finder which sometimes causes me to miss some of the nuances of the choreography. Dance always evokes an emotional response and last night was no exception. It was also a thrill to see my photo on the marquee and once again I feel blessed at the good year I have had!

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Jamar Herrod said...

I love the pics! Excellent! I'm glad you shared them.

Urban Shotz said...

Amazing images - I need lessons from you in shooting live performances!

EpiphanyNoir said...

Oh thanks so much guys! That means allot to me! I am convinced that dance photography can not be taught, it pure trial and error and learning the choreography so you know when the kewl stuff is going to happen... from that point it is learning when to hit the shutter. In theater means high ISO which is not that great with my current camera. Out door dance is a bit better! Still the success ratio is 8 to one as I shot 790 images Thursday and was able to pull about 90 decent images and maybe only 40 or so that are really good. Im still learning but its the most fun I have ever had photographing!