Friday, April 10, 2009

Creating Emotion

I have recently had to revise my plans for my first photo exhibition here in Toronto. As part of the preparation I wanted to create an image that in some way embodied the collection of images, Photos from my book Dance Through Life while also connecting the location for the show. Finally I wanted it to create some emotion via the image which would encompass the opening night of the event which will also include impromptu dance performances and readings from the book. The dancer is Byron Beckford. The challenge with this photograph was to capture the darkened facade of historic Currie Hall as well as the brightly lit interior and Byron. To pull off the shot I had to to two images at different exposures and recompose them for the final image. Added to the degree of difficulty the doors of the hall would not stay full open and had to be manually pulled open and apart by two security guards who happily wanted to help once they understood what we were trying to achieve. They as well had to be removed from the final image. We are working hard to make sure the show happens in September and hope you can make the event! Enjoy the photo!
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