Sunday, April 26, 2009

Love 'n Movement - It's Show Time!

It's April 25 and the day is here... The time has come to put on the show everyone has worked so hard to make happen. These folks will go from empty stage to curtains up in just four hours with a final practice run to boot! Beyond the physical preparations I sit an wonder if they know that these moments have a historical implication. Its been easy for me to sit on the out side while the group practices their lines and their dance moves... but its given me some time to think about how long its taken for tonight's show to really come. This play was the culmination of many peoples experiences and efforts over years and years, with much of the play uttered in full on patois meant this was a love story by and for a Caribbean audience. The sincere and ernest honesty of the dialog and plot was hard hitting, humorous, and educational all with out being preachy or too over the top. The dance routines were well choreographed and performed. The relationships between the three couples were well connected by the dancers through their performance as well as images and film projected behind them, it was easy to feel connected to their lives.

Kevin walking out on to the bare stage, show time is only 4 hours away

Kevin here with cast and crew detailing the next two hours of the final practice...

The story begins as the family prepares for the 50th Anniversary of the Grandparents Norman and Edna

The music and dance cover the 50 years of love 'n movement

The play/dance really comes to life when the relationships of the two younger couples are explored. First the straight couple, Khemani and Angel!

And the gay couple of Julius and Joe

The audience shares their approval!

The pay ends six hours after they began just before 10pm with some great words and Thank Yous' from Kevin Ormsby and Lucy Hamlet who conceived and produced the show!
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