Monday, September 21, 2009

Nerd Alert!

About 3 times a year I do a major clean up of what I like to call the museum! My nerd collection which as we learned on "The 40 year old virgin"(which I am definitely not;-) is worth thousands of dollars... Let me give you a seriously nerdish look at one of my passions!: 1- German Enterprise D poster knock off!(your not famous until you have been illegally copied!) 2- The latest Enterprise D Model w/working everything! 3- Voyager model (Japanese high end kit) 4- The press proof of my first Enterprise poster! 5- Robbie The Robot from Forbidden Planet 6- An Eagle from Space 1999 7- A bloodied Cylon Centurion from Battlestar Galactica 8- Robo Cop Detroit's true super hero "Dead or alive your coming with me!" The mis-marked 7-8 The Jupiter 2 and Space pod and the B9 Robot! "Danger Will Robinson!" 9- The armed loader from the Matrix 10- The original Apollo figure from BSG! 11- My Voyager buck used to create my poster of the ship 12- Enterprise NX01 13- Johnathan Archer Captain of the NX0! 14- Captain Pikes Original Enterprise 15- An Original Phaser circa 1964 16- Kirk and the chair! 17- Kirk and Khan!!!! 18- My Licensee VIP Credentials from 30th Anniversary Party 19- Kirk's original Enterprise 20- Full size original away team gear, Tricorder, Phaser and Communicator..Beam me up I'm ready to go! 21- New Kirk Action figure 22- Porcelain Spock and Data busts 23- Commemorative Franklin Mint medallions 24- DS9's Captain Sisko's collectors baseball 25-26 USS Defiant Models 27- Next Gen Tricoder 28- The New Enterprise model 29- Make it so - management via Next Gen lessons 30- Next Gen Phaser 31- Patric Stewart autographed CD of Vivaldi's Four Seasons 32- R2D2 Pez dispenser 33- Star Wars X Wing Fighter 34- Detroit Science Fair Awards Program where I gave the keynote to 5000 kids and their families!!! 35- The Millennium Falcon 36- Various Sci-fi Books ..mostly Star Wars 37- Star Trek V & VI Phaser 38- Various Shuttle Craft models 39- Official 30th Anniversary Cap 40- Space 1999 Manual(The present from my Grandmother) 41- Every Trek Manual known to mankind! 42- Favorite Super Hero, Superman! 43- Enterprise NCC-1701A 44- My Picture with my brother and the Star Trek Art Department!(We official!) 45- Light Sabre given to me by George Lucas at a Star Wars Licensee conference 46- More Star Wars books! 47- Tom Corbit Space cadet lunch box(everyone should own one of these!) 48- An autographed and personalized Vader pic signed by David Prowes 49- Every Star Trek TV Guide issue made 50- Resin Bridge piece from original Enterprise D Model(only 2 in existence) 51- Collection of Sci-Fi Movie programs including an original from 2001 A Space Odyssey 52- A copy of the original sailor manual for the USS Enterprise, WWII Aircraft carrier circa 1941 53- Autographed and personalized photo of my favorite Dabbo girl Chase Masterson! 54- 24" Jupiter 2 Model from Lost in Space 55- My Rouges gallery, Buzz Lightyear, A working Pee Wee doll and Taco Bell Dog(the crap I sometimes collect!) 56- Halo's Master Chief action figure and warthog vehicle 57- Original Doug Drexler(Academy Award Winner) illustration of the Enterprise E!
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