Monday, September 14, 2009

What Is Going On People!

Ya know I don't like to rant but I gotta let this one out! I am losing it! When did we completely lose civility?!

Lets start with last nights MTV Video Awards. A giddy Taylor Swift was in the midst of her acceptance speech for Best Female Video when Kanye West rushed onstage, grabbed her microphone and let loose an outburst on behalf of singer Beyonce Knowles, who had lost out in that category.
Taylor said "I was excited to be onstage because I just won the award. And then I was excited that Kanye West was onstage. Then, I wasn't excited anymore."

Taylor, I'm really happy for you, and I'm gonna let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time," he said, snatching the microphone from Swift after she had won her award.

Kanye was appropriately asked to leave the auditorium before the condemnations started to come fast an furious!"F--- u Kanye," said a tweet on Katy Perry's Twitter feed. "It's like you stepped on a kitten." Pink's Twitter feed made several references to the incident. "Kanye west is the biggest piece of s--- on earth. Quote me," one tweet said. For myself...I think Kanye is a shallow, selfish, punk and I was only to happy to divest my itunes of anything that had his name on it!

Beyonce showed allot of class "I remember being 17 years old, up for my first MTV award with Destiny's Child, and it was one of the most exciting moments of my life," Knowles said, referring to the girl group with which she had her start. "So I would like for Taylor (19) to come out and have her moment."

Earlier in the week it was Joe Wilson (REPUBLICAN) who called President Obama a Lier! in front of a joint speech to Congress!... This is completely out of hand for this kind of behavior period... Do these guys know they work for us? I have come to believe over the past few years that the Republicans are nothing but a group of shallow, frightened old men who have all but destroyed our country with these senseless wars, inhumane treatment of detainees and allowing for the deregulation of the banks... They have brought nothing but anarchy to the world in the name of conservatism... Lincoln is rolling in his grave right now!

Add to the tasteless moment is this sign.. its incredibly tasteless and in appropriate given that Senator Kennedy just passed away... Again Republicans need to come to the table and stop being frightened of the future!

I dunno what to say here... I mean damn at this level of the game the infraction here was just about as uncalled for as the resulting outburst.... I mean if she came up to me and told me she was going to shove a ball down my throat it would grab my attention too! But still it was pretty vile and she was fined appropriately... Now I think NIKE's response is funny and could underline whats really going on here “Serena has publicly apologized and has stated she let her emotions get the best of her,” the Nike spokesman Derek Kent said in a written statement. “Nike stands behind Serena and looks forward to her outstanding career continuing.”

Its about money and notoriety, the new way of getting attention to your career, or your agenda is to just act like an ass.. As long as you are making money or gaining power its ok today to be an ass.

Civilization is truly falling apart.
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