Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Color Of Fall

I sometimes forget that I walk with a camera everyday with my iPhone... in the past couple of days I have pulled it out to catch things of interest... in this case a particular maple tree which had the colors of red, orange and still a bit of green. The colors really struck me and so I snapped a couple of shots... I have run them through the watercolor filter in photoshop to give them a painterly look.

The sun has changed position in the sky, and it begins to get dark when I leave work for the day... Here is a shot of Toronto at sun set that I shot across the top of the subway station I take. What struck me with this moment was the cast of gold that the city was reflecting... I thought of the lost city of gold and how it may have looked.

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Duba said...

Wow!!!! this is some great color photos :) love the seasons change on photos.