Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Power Of Mystery

Sometimes in the film world you take a photo with a certain intent and then it gets developed and something very different happens. In this case the overtly white background of white marble, mostly white wallpaper and white robe completely closed the aperture down and turned the model into a mere silhouette in the photograph. At first I was disappointed as I chalked the results up to failure. Yet over the years the image has become strangely compelling to me, it carried a sense of mystery, who is this person, what was the situation in which this image was taken... And the power of those questions and emotions carry the photo.

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Forbidden Light said...

I really like that! Is there a set?

I think i may want to do a photo myself...was he washed out because of the white backround or because of how darkly pigmented the model was or both?

Duba said...

wow!!! this photo is breath taking!