Thursday, April 29, 2010

Post 1 International Dance Day April 29th 2010 - Fluidity

The nature of dance is one of control of time and space. The complex and fluid movement with in the known three dimensions. Color and light transformed into sweeping and graceful arcs and swaths. I so want to understand what it feels like. To be a work of art in motion.

This year, celebrated Canadian choreographer Crystal Pite penned this International Dance Day Message:

On April 29th, we invite you to celebrate International Dance Day. You are dancers, all of you. Life moves you; life dances you. To dance is to investigate and celebrate the experience of being alive. Like life, a dance creates and destroys itself in every moment. Like love, it is beyond reason. Ephemeral as breath, concrete as bone, dance is made of you. You sculpt space. You write with your body in a wordless language that is deeply understood. You grace the space within and around you when you dance. Force, trajectory, inertia, and recovery: dancing is a ride, a duet between your instinct and imagination. To dance is to heighten your experience of the present moment. Your body is your location - when you dance, you are profoundly engaged in being there. To dance is to feel the resonance of your life, to delight in your existence. To be human is to be danced by experience, energy and emotion. On International Dance Day, let’s celebrate the life that moves us.

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