Monday, September 20, 2010

Creating The Look Of The BlackCat Experience 2010!

I love working for DJ BlackCat, he pushes the envelope creatively and my photoshop skills endlessly. For his birthday bash coming up on October 10th at the Barn he arranged for the single biggest shoot I have ever been on... An endless parade of models and DJ's who will all be spinning that night came in one after another in both all white and all black outfits! Almost 6 hours long the shoot resulted in the various poster and web banners you see here! Needless to say it was a ton of fun. The background is straight out of the movie The Matrix! This also marks the first folding flyer we have ever attempted, helping to create the effect of entering through just a single entry door into the party! Creating these has been an awesome experience which is second only to actually going to the annual BlackCat Experience... Guarantee this party will not disappoint! If your in the Toronto Area make sure you attend!

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