Sunday, September 05, 2010

A Man And His Dog!?!

Sunday mornings I get up early and head out for a big breakfast... read the paper and contemplate my week ahead. In this Sundays Toronto Star's "Picture - And a 1000 Words" column I find once again the African photographer Pieter Hugo which I featured here last year.
The image above was the image in the paper and like the author of the article I too was entranced...stunned is more like it. The physical nature of the image alone... The interaction between man and hyena is mesmerizing as hyena's are considered one of the most terrifying animals on the planet. The pair is part of a small Nigerian entertainment group... I am happy to see from this side of a photograph and cant imagine seeing in person. Hugo's images continue to intrigue me in so many ways... Here are some more from the same series.

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Duba said...

amazing! love the classic touch!