Saturday, October 02, 2010

Grand Re-Opening Of A Toronto ICON The Sony Centre - 2010 Featuring Cirque Eloize

Passed by the iconic flat iron building on the way to the Sony Centre!

The Sony Centre was originally called the Hummingbird Centre for the Performing Arts and originally opened 50 years ago on this very same date! That night the show was the musical Camelot staring Richard Burton and julie Andrew!

The late York Wilson's famous mural "The Seven Lively Arts" was commissioned for the 1960's opening and is still a primary focal point for the new Sony Centre.

I hate taking pics from the end of my arm! LOL

Tonight opening featured the hip hop-breakdancing fusion of Cirque Eloize's ID, the show was totally amazing!

With the show over I was able to turn my camera back on and at least photograph the curtain call! Spectacular!

What awaited us outside as we left the building was a fantastic fireworks show over the centre! A great way to end an amazing evening.

Here is a small sample of the fireworks show! Enjoy!

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