Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ready For Winter!

Its not that I stop shooting once it gets cold out, but my options do get more limited... In the past i have made do with a small cloth backdrop and a lot of photoshop skills which have made for some very time consuming shoots.... Well not so much this year as I turn yet another corner towards the photographer I want to be... After a whole lot of purging of furniture and stuff accumulated over the years I now have room to shoot just a little bit more relaxed! (PS Thanks Abdi for pushing me!)
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Anonymous said...

It was funny that I to day should find your post «Ready For Winter». Where I live we got snowfall last week and snowfall in October hasn’t happened here in 40 years. In town the snow melted very quickly but in the surrounding mountains the snow has yet not gone. So yesterday (Sunday) I took a walk on snowcovered trails at mount Fløyen. Pictures can be seen here: detgodeliv

I am not the keen blog-reader that I once was. But I still regularly stop by by some selected blogs like yours. It gives great pleasure to see the pictures you display. You seem to have the ability to find models that you can work with in a way that results in giving us readers an experience far beyond the ordinary.

I also appreciate the posts that you do when you bring us pictures from Toronto. Like your «Union Station»-post. My town is probably of the size of a few blocks of Toronto, so we live in very different surroundings. I interprete your Toronto postings as an aknowledgement that you find good qualities in the city you live in. If I am right we seem bouth to be pleased about an important part of life.

I look forward to follow your blog, and I thank you in advance for your coming posts.