Saturday, November 13, 2010

Shamar Part 1 - The Dance

My thoughts when shooting dance can always be summed up in one word, grace. The often silent and powerful fluid movement of emotion is communicated in the most benevolent and inclusive way a human can share. People often tell me that they "do not get dance" and they are often the same people who do not get abstract/contemporary art. So I try and connect them to what they can appreciate, things like athletic ability and the mental discipline of their favorite sports star. And then I tell them that the modern dancer of today is 10 fold that of the athlete who's spectacular achievement in their sport comes in short bursts of a few minutes, sometimes seconds while the dancer has to exert themselves for periods up to an hour or more while creating beautifully fluid movements through out. I often find myself staring into the face of the dancer, for me it is there where I can see the inner motivation for their craft, I can tell you if they are forcing themselves or struggling through the movement or when they are at one with themselves and existing within a moment of grace.

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