Monday, November 29, 2010

Almighty Ball II - 2010!

Its real simple folks, If you missed the ball Saturday night you missed an event! Theres allot of effort that goes into making these things happen and this lived up to the hype! it was a night to remember. For me this night can best be summed up in a word, FUN! It was so good to see everyone come together and just have some competitive fun.. The beats , the drinks, the battles... it was an Almighty night!

Special shout out to my Ball Photographic Wing Man.. err Guirl! Lasaunji who came out to help me cover the event from multiple angles... This is a mere pittance of images from the evening and if you want more please let Charmed (Blackcat) Monroe know....

Note: All images and text (not specified) is copyrighted by Christopher Cushman and Lasaunji Colston. This site does not specify or denote the sexual orientation of any model and as such please post your comments accordingly.

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