Saturday, December 04, 2010

Soulful 2010

This is my third year photographing this annual holiday presentation of the Soulful Messiah, performed by Ballet Creole. It was one of the first staged dance pieces I ever photographed and each and every time the images have improved in composition and quality. This represents some of my best stage photography yet and I feel that I have matured with my dance work. With this shoot I pushed myself furthur into the dance to get up close verses the furthur back whole stage approach in previous shoots. I found it harder to cover all of the action but fortunately during rehearsals many sections are performed more than once and I took the opportunity to capture different portions. I feel very blessed to have garnered the performance poster for this show for a second year, the first time was for the 2008 season!
Much thanks to the Ballet Creole folks and Brad who expertly lights each and every performance!

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