Saturday, December 25, 2010

Fond Memories Of A Simpler Christmas Day

It's 1960 and I am barely 5 months into this journey. I have fractured memories of Christmas so it is great that I have these images from my Grandmothers home in Detroit. Its a simpler time where hanging lights on the house is not yet a competition the trees are always real and sometimes still decorated by things you can make such as stringing colored popcorn and baking ginger cookies to be used as ornaments. Below could be one of the first of my Christmas images with My Grandmother on my first wooden rocking horse which I still remember as it was passed down to my brother and sister. The thing about simple wooden toys was they tended to last forever, passed down as tokens of youth to one day be given to our own children.

Christmas 1965, now five years old playing with our Fisher/Price toys which spun around like tops. Toys back then really encouraged imaginations and creativity.

Creepy Crawlers was all the rage in 1967... You poured goop into a mold which was then heated and the goop would harden into a solid toy in the form of some kind of bug... over the next couple of years they created edible versions of the same toy where you could eat the bugs you made often making mom grossed out.

1968, and the space race is on! So was my imagination which was charged up by my Major Matt Mason Moon Base play set. I know that this gift had come at quite a price for my parents as it cost around $50.00! Back in 68 that was a princely sum of money! It was money well spent as it ignited my creativity and love for all things science...All ready Star Trek is the show I am watching on NBC unaware of my involvement in the show later in my life!

Science related gifts continued in these pictures from 1970 and 1972. Chemistry sets and microscopes, telescopes.... So many things that captured my excitement on Christmas morning. We all felt this and in retrospect Christmas became a time where my parents guided us into the directions we would all take in life. So now it is 50 years later and Christmas has taken on a completely new diminution. I now enjoy a day of reflection and often spend this holiday with my extended family. The commercialism of Christmas has worked hard to make me cynical but I have not given up yet. I still believe that Christmas is an important time of year to share love with friends and family!

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