Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 What A Year!

1. I finally passed that massive kidney stone that took almost six months... Ugh! I Ain't stretching the truth it worse than having a baby, Labor does not take 6 months!

2. My planned exhibit of Dance Through Life started, stopped and is still waiting to happen, still the promotional image was on point and it will happen in 2011!

3. My photo of Austin Clarke was published in the back of the American version of More via Publishing giant Harper Colins. A new book is in the cards this year!

4. Could be the highlight of my year, My first wedding shoot... Glenroy & Anthony! Simply Amazing! I told my sister no to her wedding as its too stressful, but this was too important to say no to!

5. Otumba Abi's Birthday! I was in Naija heaven.

6. I'm with Oprah..This is my favorite thing! (no you my audience are not getting one;-)

7. My one man show FIERCE! went off with out a hook!, Actually 65 of them! Just in time for Hotter Than July in Detroit! Thanks Affirmations!

8. Travoy in the Flesh launches... Travoy gives me great creative opportunities!

9. Cedric! The smile says it all! Can't wait to work with him again!

10. The Javon & Mardi shoot at Hanlan's point was amazing! Perhaps ground breaking.

11. MY BFF Nigel and I at one of Polly's parties!

12. I turned the big 50 this year! Still young at heart, this is the key to life!

14. This was a big year for Kashedance, this is the promo shot for the year! Thanks Kevin!

15. Well come to the new Sony Centre! Its second grand opening in 50 years!

16. YES! I was in the middle of the G20 mess.. I get the rush war correspondence get!

17. The Almighty Ball 2! The second amazing year for this AMAZING Ball!

18. DJ Blackcat...too Kewl for School! I've had more fun creating party promotions you just don't know, this guy gets me and lets me loose creatively! Much love!

19. Caribana and the Tribal Ball! And even better my girl Lasaunji was there for it all! A perfect weekend!

20. Temi and I at Pride!

21. Omari... Whew! awesome up and coming model! Thanks Leo!

22. Tavon, Brian and Jermaiine are my new core of Aqua Noir! Its like modeling in 3 dimensions!

23. Finally success at the Youth Line Auction! My piece made some great loot for a great cause!

24. Montrice gets a stone! He will always be remembered in our hearts!

25. I have a studio! Small but flexible (check out photo 26!)

26. Alistair in full flight in the new studio!

27. Speaking of Alistair, we both made the poster for Soulful Messiah and the Globe and Mail Arts section! What a way to cap off a year!

There were so many great moments for me this year... great new models, like Curtis, Craig, Travis , Tavon!

2010 has been full of photographic blessings both new and old, a special shout out to Javon and Mardi who have also been parental supporters! If I have missed anyone... let me know... I am blessed by many! I look forward to 2011!

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