Sunday, February 19, 2012

Blessings In Common!

300,000!  Yes I know I am late to the table but I was away when we crossed this latest milestone!  To all my regular EN visitors! Thank You!  it seemed like only a short time ago we were at 250,000 and it seems like it is moving faster and faster!  I am continually gratified at all the support you have given me… Each day we take thousand of visits and over 76% of you continue to visit from time to time….  Amazing!  Tonights post is completely appropriate because it speaks to a relationship that started in 2005 just like this blog!  I began talking with Tony just after the blog began… He hails from Trinidad an though we had never met… we be came great friends!  Recently Tony came for an extended visit to Canada and I finally got the chance to meet him…   And as I suspected it was if I had known him forever!   Here are some photos from a recent shoot…  Enjoy!  And Thanks again for your continued support of my art!

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Guy Zulma said...

And i'm very proud to contribute to the success of your blog. Please, go on !