Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston R.I.P.

This image says it all for me... the 80s were very formative for me in so many ways... Fashion and Music reached a collective creative moment that lasted a decade like know other.  Michael, Whitney, Madonna owned the charts... And now we have lost another to the ages, Whitney Houston. One of my greatest Memories was going to a Jeffrey Osborn concert at Pine Knob an out door amphitheater north of Detroit. It was 1985 and the opening acts were ironically New Edition and at that time a relatively unknown Whitney Houston who opened first. The audience started out skeptical about this new girl but by the third song most of us there had forgotten who else we come to see that night. When she left the stage to a standing O... I remember commenting that she definitely had a future and I was looking forward to buying that album (probably still using vinyl then;-).  I love the image above because it provides comfort that Whitney is at peace with friends.  Thanks for sharing your life with us Whitney! You were amazing!

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