Monday, July 02, 2012

Apple Epic Fail Vent

Warning Nerd Vent: I’m about to go off on Apple for something I consider an epic fail on their part... It has me worried because I’m sure the lack of attention to the little details would not have been missed by Steve Jobs... but seems to be beyond current management... Let me start by saying what they did and what they did right... Apples first serious foray into the cloud was a program called Mobile Me and it was a great place to show friends and family your photos and video from iPhoto and web sites from iWeb. Six months ago they dropped the service in favor of the new iCloud which is not very friendly or intuitive as Mobile Me was. Apple knowing there would be a huge dissatisfaction in canceling the convenient services extended everyone’s subscription for 6 months or June 30 which ever came first. This was a stand up thing to do.... as it allowed us to remove any photos which were only stored on Mobile Me. They sent plenty of warning notices for the procrastinators out there... Again the right thing to do! Its now July 2nd and Apple has rolled off the rails by now forcing you to red own load gigabytes of material down with out the option to say no thanks I already have copies of everything thus rendering my iPhoto application almost unusable because it keeps initiating the download! I get that for some folks who used MM as an online vault to protect their photos in only that place but most of us have copies on iPhoto to begin with! Without a no thanks button Apple is forcing me to do something against my will which runs completely counter to Apples vaunted simplicity. The new photo stream in iCloud does not allow you to send or share groupings of images... or to even share at all... and with web support gone I was forced to use outside web hosting for my stuff... Again all this is counter to the mission of these great Apple programs to share with others with full control of the content. Apple could have offered these as supplemental services at a price which many if not all MM users would have happily payed! So there it is Chris Cushman Awarding Apple a big fat EPIC FAIL. I wish Steve was here to fix this!
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