Sunday, July 01, 2012

Toronto Pride 2012

Abdi and I kicking off Thursday night with DJ Frankie Knuckles in the park behind the 519...  I love that guy and I even danced a bit!

The 519 is all decked out for the weekend!

First stop on friday were the TD guys!


Saturday night there was a lovely soirée and my friends Rinaldo and Abdi's where I have my first Dr. approved beer...  Things are getting back to normal for me!   The fellas have a fantastic view...

My friends are awesome!

Sunday... I stayed in this year and watched the parade on TV... The temps were way to high to be outside.... but I did get out in the late afternoon to see the millions of people parked right at my doorstep! Im headed to Blocko!

Ummmm you had me at.....  wow.... Ummm.... Never mind;-)!

The Chad!

Trojan Man!!!

And now Blockorama 14!  I managed to stay a few hours to see some great acts and DJ's and tons of people I love!  It was like homecoming in away!

Dance Hall!!!!

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