Wednesday, January 02, 2013

First FAB Cover!

Friday will be the 15th anniversary of my move to Toronto from Detroit.  I love it here for so many reasons.  What sometimes comes from such a big move is a change in perspective... I not only moved to another major city but another country all together!  I have expanded my self at work and who I am outside of work, primarily with my photography!  Today I got my first cover of FAB Magazine!... Another step forward for me.  I want to say thanks to my good friend Kabwe' Tony Chibesakunda who modeled expertly for these images, Phil and the team at FAB for selecting our images for their Photography issue! What an Honor!


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Mardi Reid said...

Congratulations Christopher!!!!!! one of my goals is to get my black as on that damn cover!!! local free press ..but a big book in the community!! Well done..AGAIN!